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Vpatch is a wearable cardiac arrhythmia 

detection system.


The proprietary real-time, wireless ECG monitoring and reporting capabilities ensures superior diagnostic yield and patient compliance.

Beats of Interest (™)

Wireless Interpretive Wearable (™)

What is Vpatch?

Vpatch Cardio Pty Ltd (VPC) has developed a cutting edge cardiac arrhythmia detection system with dramatically improved diagnostic yield and patient compliance.

VPC is well positioned to take advantage of the fast growing mHealth market with a medical diagnostic device enabling real-time monitoring of a patient’s cardiac status.

The patented advanced technology is designed for both long and short term monitoring primarily as a cardiac diagnostic tool and extends to cardiac rehabilitation, clinical drug trials, post-operative surveillance, sports performance medicine and emergency medicine.

Vpatch™ analyses every heartbeat and transmits in real time only episodes of interest as selected by physicians, making it a valuable tool for safely and discretely monitoring at-risk patients in their normal environment without confinement to hospital or any limitation of mobility.


Easy to carry and use for anyone of all ages.


Light weight and unobtrusive design. May be worn for up to 7 days or longer


User-friendly and easy to use with a click of a button.

Who is Vpatch for?

The VPC system is a mHealth solution for clinicians and physicians to monitor patients remotely and unobtrusively to aid faster and better diagnosis and treatment.

Cardiovascular disease and stroke are still the number one killers in both modern and developing nations around the world, and the numbers of patients are increasing as we live longer.  Every year there are 4.5 million cardiovascular deaths in Europe, over 1 million in the USA, 3.8 million in India and 1 in 5 Chinese adults have cardiovascular disease.  These numbers are expected to increase by 40% by the year 2035.

Almost half of heart related calls to the doctor are due to the most common arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, (AF).  Often missed by conventional detection methods such as Holter tests, AF can lead to blood clots and strokes if left untreated.

With a light weight design and long battery life, Vpatch is able to be worn discreetly by a patient for a week or more, making it far more likely to detect unfelt cardiac events and aiding with swift diagnosis and immediate treatment.

Why use Vpatch?

With better diagnostic yield and significantly longer monitoring periods, Vpatch is the leading cardiac detection device on the market.

Vpatch has regulatory approval in the USA (FDA).  

The bourgeoning health trend is in early detection and treatment using mHealth technologies to save time and money based on prevention for patients and institutions.

As cost effective as it is clever, Vpatch is suitable for hospital, home or remote monitoring and is self- activating when arrhythmias are detected. There are no leads which reduces motion artefact error by over 90% and patients can go about their normal business while being monitored. Patients under investigation are more likely to be diagnosed, not only for an event, but for a pattern of occurrence to aid with treatment decisions.

Vpatch complies with reimbursement criteria in Australia and other countries using similar diagnostic related groupings for Government or Private Health Insurance.

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