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Vpatch Cardio Pty Ltd



Vpatch Cardio Pty Ltd is the result of several years of collaborative product development between Vpatch Medical Systems (VPMS), Intelesens and the Northern Ireland Biomedical Engineering Centre (NIBEC). The later two are spin-off companies from Ulster University in Belfast and have a well established reputation for excellence in biosensor development and have worked extensively with NASA and MIT.

The Vpatch’s geographic spread for usability is only limited by the availability of a reliable GSM/GPRS mobile network. This interactive system collects, analyses, stores and reports on human vital signs using an advanced patented biosensor, proprietary

RF technology, existing cellular phone hardware and the internet.




The business co-shares a modern facility with VPMS device manufacturer, Ingeneous, in close proximity to Monash University, CSIRO facilities, Monash Medical Centre and major freeways.  This facility is accredited for manufacturing by TGA, CE and FDA authorities.




The Vpatch Cario Pty Ltd is supported by two critical US patents   Additionally, there are patents for the biosensor patch and the means of fastening devices securely multiple times.




The Vpatch System complies with the cardiac event reimbursement criteria for most countries including Australia and the US.  The device has been tested and used effectively in a number of countries, particularly Australia, India and Italy where it has been in rigorous use for the last three years. Distributors have been appointed in the USA & Canada.


Revenue is generated from the sale of devices, the supply of consumables and use of  the reporting system. The reimbursement approval by various Health Management Organisations (HMO)s and Insurers is critical to market commercialisation, risk reduction and sustainable profitability.


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