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Superior data capture

Vpatch has a much higher rate of capturing an arrhythmia event when it happens because it can be worn for a much longer period than current ECG monitors. The existing monitors are bulky data-loggers, typically worn for only 24 hours and as a consequence critical events are potentially missed.


Vpatch is unobtrusive to wear and allows a patient to conduct his or her normal daily activities anywhere in the world while being monitored continuously in real time. Events are automatically detected and recorded, producing a diagnostic quality 3-lead ECG, which is immediately available on the web based platform. Vpatch is configurable for the automatic detection of any combination of nine of the most commonly occurring arrhythmias, plus a patient-activated event button for symptomatic events and can be reconfigured at any time during a monitoring session. 


The standard monitoring session is seven days and the device monitors every heartbeat and records abnormal rhythms. Vpatch is designed to catch all targeted events, even if the patient is asymptomatic. 


It is estimated that 60% of events or more occur without symptoms. Event monitors that require patients to manually activate their monitors when symptoms are experienced will fail to record these events


A revolution in health care

mHealth is a growing sub-set of eHealth, based on the need for mobile real time communication using widely accessible technologies such as computers, smart phones and the cloud. Every moment counts with diagnosable cardiac conditions and immediate action can prevent a fatal result.  


Vpatch allows treatment to commence as soon as detection occurs reducing the often lengthy wait for results. As part of the mHealth revolution, VPMS taps into an emerging $8 billion market, with an annual growth rate of 43.3 percent from 2014 through 2019. The mHealth market was valued in the US at $650 million in 2012, with growth spurred by the 'increasing penetration of smart phones' and the 'entry presence of major players in the U.S' (data from Transparency Market Research report, Fierce Mobile Healthcare 24-06-14). Put simply: mHealth technologies save time and money for patients, doctors and institutions and expedites critical treatment and care.

You’re in Safe Hands

Regulatory approval

Vpatch is a proprietary real time medical diagnostic device and end-to-end delivery system ideally positioned to take advantage of the fast growing m-health market. Traditionally, ECG data is analysed at the completion of the monitoring period. With Vpatch however, analysis can occur at any time. 


Patients are continuously monitored and any cardiac events recorded are instantaneously forwarded directly to the web-based interface via GPRS, to be viewed by the physician or clinician who can be alerted to the event. This helps to facilitate immediate diagnosis and faster treatment. US research shows more than 70% of transient cardiac events occur within 7 days of the previous episode. The Vpatch™ system complies with the cardiac event reimbursement criteria for most countries including Australia and the US. 


The device has been tested and used effectively in a number of countries, particularly India, Italy and Australia where it has been in rigorous use for the last three years. The Vpatch closed loop system is currently in use in 12 countries around the world. The Vpatch product has CE-Mark approval for Europe since 2009.TGA Inclusion (Australia) was granted in 2010.FDA (USA) approval was granted in 2014.


No strings attached

Vpatch can operate wherever a cellular network exists. The secure web based platform is a patient management system that displays current and historical results and produces printable reports.  The Vpatch system allows the clinician to monitor a patient for up to seven days or more while providing real time information. The Vpatch Medical System comprises; the Vpatch 3-lead electrode array that adheres to the body and collects 3 channels of ECG data; the Vpod RF transceiver, microprocessor and memory that analyses in real -time ; the Vcell cellular device connecting the patient’s encrypted data to the secure web platform applications; the  cloud based reporting software that decrypts data for the treating physician or monitoring service. 

Cost Effective Productivity Savings

Productivity savings

Vpatch complies with reimbursement criteria in Australia and other countries using similar diagnostic related groupings for Government or Private Health Insurance. Where no Government Health Insurance applies, Vpatch is a highly cost-effective means of diagnostic quality cardiac event detection. Growing healthcare costs across the globe are unsustainable. mHealth is a proven remote wireless disruptor that helps address the cost issues.

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