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Event Monitor

Holter Monitor

Event Monitor

Holter Monitor


Features H

From Borsam Website:

3-channels all-in-one

All-in-one electrodes designed according to human body feature held to find position easily with colour mark for lead wires, no need to remember.

Tips: please clean skin with alcohol cotton before using to increase the life of the electrodes

24-48 hours continuous ECG recording can capture any passed arrhythmia

Heart disease patients are susceptible to external conditions. If their ECG cannot be recorded at the time when heart events occurs, it is difficult to find the exact problem with routine ECG examination afterward. Thus, ECG Holter plays an irreparable role to capture the passed arrhythmia.

It is wonderful fit your unique temperament and taste. All for one reason, let you love it.

Durable and lasting, lowest power consumption

Up to 5 days recording for 5 pins 3 ch with only one AAA battery

Monitor Heart rate accurately, control sleep easily

Accurately monitor heart rate change through built-in motion and heart rate sensor, record every heart beat in sleeping. Comfortable to wear, no any effects to daily life.

Data transfer methods

The patch holder ECG data could be transferred to PC or mobile phone with data cable, and then to cloud centre for analysis reports.

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